Sightseeing by running

From our Hauptstadt Apartment at Keithstraße, You can visit lots of the most important sightseeing highlights just by running. Or cycling, if You rent a bike around the corner at Budapester Straße. Our map shows You the highlights of our 10km jogging course that follows always the outer paths of the Tiergarten, the big park in the middle of Berlin. In maybe an hour You meet interesting laces (see list) – and for a fee of 50,- Euro, we’ld even run with You, show You the right ways and explain everything…

  1. Zoologischer Garten
  2. Siegessäule (victory column)
  3. Academy of Arts
  4. Bellevue Castle, residence of the president
  5. Congress Hall
  6. Cancelor’s Office, Main Railway Station, Parliament, Reichstag
  7. Brandenburg Gate
  8. Potsdamer Platz with Philharmony
  9. Foreign Embassies (Italy, Japan, Austria, India, Saudi-Arabia etc.)